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Aroma 1.5-liter Electric Tea Kettle

Aroma 1.5-liter Electric Tea Kettle

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Price: $28.74

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Brentwood Appliances KT-1770 Stainless 1.2-liter Electric Tea Kettle

Brentwood Appliances KT-1770 Stainless 1.2-liter Electric Tea Kettle

( (dba Shopping))

Price: $16.21

The Brentwood Appliances 1.2 liter 1000-watt electric tea kettle with brushed stainless steel finish features an illuminated power indicator, automatic shut-off for dual protection when boiling or dry, and an overheat shut-off. The handy lift-off kettle allows for cord-free use for your convenience. This electric tea kettle from Brentwood Appliances is an excellent companion for your busy life. The kettle is small enough to fit on a kitchen countertop without taking up very much space. Featuring an illuminated power indicator and overheat shut-off precautions, this electric tea kettle is ideal for a quick cup of tea or coffee. Brushed stainless steel finishMotor: 1,000 wattsCapacity: 1.2 litersSingle settingAuto shut off when boiling or dryOverheat shut offKettle lifts off base for cord-free useIlluminated power indicatorMaterials: Electrical componentsDimensions: 9 inches high x 7 inches wide x 7 inches deepModel: KT-1770

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Meet The Woman Trying To Shatter The Glass Ceiling In Professional Soccer - Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Moya Dodd remembers what it was like trying to afford playing on the Australian women's national soccer team. They stayed in budget hotels with little to offer beyond a kettle and a tea cup, and when they needed to load up on carbs before a match, they brought their tea cups to Dodd's room and filled them with plain white rice, which Dodd brewed in an... That was 25 years ago, and Dodd, who is now on the executive committee of the Asian Football Confederation, will be the first to tell you that professional soccer has come a long way in letting women into the game. But the same systemic barriers to growing soccer into a competitive sport for girls and women are still there: neglect, a lack of investment and a serious gender gap within the organization that oversees international soccer, FIFA. That might be about to change, largely because of Dodd. 26, FIFA's legislative body (it has its own Congress) will meet in Zurich, Switzerland, to vote on a package of reforms at the organization. Tucked into that package is a proposal from Dodd that would increase the number of women on FIFA's top decision-making committee -- to six out of 37 members, versus today's one voting member out of 25 -- and put in statute that FIFA must develop... " You have half the world's population who haven't really been given a full opportunity to participate," Dodd said in an interview with The Huffington Post. It's not exactly equality if female voting members make up 16 percent of FIFA's executive committee instead of 4 percent. Dodd originally proposed 30 percent, which was rejected. But for a male-run, 112-year-old institution that didn't even recognize women as part of the game until the 1990s, it's a significant shift. FIFA is in desperate need of culture change. The organization has been engulfed in a massive corruption scandal for the last year. Several people in top leadership were convicted on charges of wire fraud and racketeering, and its president, Sepp Blatter, was forced out. As the chairman of FIFA's reform committee wrote in a December report to the executive committee, "FIFA is currently going through the worst crisis of its history. That's where Dodd comes in. As one of the three women on the executive committee, she had plenty of ideas ready when FIFA created a reform panel last year to brainstorm proposals for cleaning up the organization. She submitted a detailed plan that laid out why it's smart, financially and culturally, to give women a voice in decision-making. The reform committee adopted some of it. So did the executive committee. It's now up to the Congress to pass it. "Diversity at the decision-making table improves the quality of decision-making. It's crystal clear," said Dodd. "While it's the world's favorite sport, it's been played by men, watched by men, run by men for decades. Wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering aside, FIFA could use some updating. Less than 1 percent of its voting members of Congress are women. National soccer boards are only about 8 percent women, and roughly 10 percent of FIFA players are female. Even on FIFA's reform panel, only one of its 13 members is a woman. A major reason women's soccer has taken off in the United States is because of Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs. That's exactly what Dodd had in mind when she drafted her plan seeking more FIFA resources for girls' soccer worldwide. "There is no reason why women's soccer shouldn't be the biggest sport globally for women, with bigger wages, professional career paths, healthy returns for everybody in it," she said. While Dodd has been leading the charge within FIFA, she's recruited some notable allies to help on the outside. women's national team players Julie Foudy and Mary Harvey have been publicly backing Dodd's effort. More than 140 pro athletes and coaches signed onto a letter urging FIFA to "right the institutional wrong" of denying women in soccer adequate representation and resources. Beyond the soccer world, former tennis pro Billie Jean King and former Olympic swimmer Donna de Varona have endorsed Dodd's effort.

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Kettle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A kettle, sometimes called a tea kettle or teakettle, is a type of pot, typically metal, specialized for boiling water, with a lid, spout and handle, or a small ... electric tea kettle
Product Features... 1.7L cordless electric kettle with 110/120V, 1100-watt power that boils ...

Best Electric Tea Kettles - Electric Tea Kettles
Today's electric teakettles are loaded with features that ensure a perfect cuppa every time. See the results of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute's tests of 24 ...

KitchenAid Pro Line Electric Tea Kettle - The Green Head

KitchenAid Pro Line Electric Tea Kettle - The Green Head
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Best Tea Kettle | Best Tea Kettle

Best Tea Kettle | Best Tea Kettle
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Articles and Informations about Tea: All about Electric Tea Kettles

Articles and Informations about Tea: All about Electric Tea Kettles
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hot water heater
my makeshift tea station
Yes, I brought along my electric kettle for tea. That's just how I roll.
My tea collection
um...^^;; yeah, I have a lot.
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Changing History's Gears
James Watt watched a tea kettle boil, and built a steam engine ... He disguised it with wires to pretend it was electric. After it proved successful, he revealed he had used a petrol engine! In 1886, for his wife Emma’s birthday he ordered a magnificent ...

I have two of these; one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. Best electric tea kettle EVER!
Shop Chef'sChoice Cordless Electric Glass Kettle, M680 at CHEFS. Next time Mom needs a new kettle!! Goodbye burnt toast. Concept clear toaster allows you to see when it is ready. ...

I have two of these; one in the kitchen and one in my bedroom. Best electric tea kettle EVER!
No stove? No microwave? No problem! Brew up tea or hot chocolate in this color changing Saeco Electric Tea Kettle. Use the stainless steel Saeco Electric Kettle ($60) to prepare black, rooibos, and green tea, which help you stay young. #tea #kettle The ...