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The Unmatched Frozen Margarita Made With 100% Agave Tequila

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Kraft Recalls 242000 Cases of Macaroni & Cheese

Kraft Foods Dispose announced Tuesday it is voluntarily recalling about 242,000 cases of select Macaroni & Cheese dinners because of the possibility that small pieces of metal may be interior the boxes. The Illinois-based company said in a statement that 

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Capacity for approximately four 8-ounce drinks. BPA-free pitcher. Create an endless variety of drinks. Use the convenient Liquid and Shaved Ice level lines for small or large servings on the pitcher as a guide for serving size. You can also shave frozen fruit or flavored ice cubes. The Nostalgia Electrics FBS400COKE Coca-Cola Frozen Beverage Maker all-in-one frozen drink machine will make perfect slush drinks, margaritas, daiquiris, smoothies and more every time! The two ice shaving options allow you to choose a fine or coarse shaved ice texture. Making one or multiple servings is easy, with the serving sizes indicated right on the pitcher. Use the included recipes to make delicious drinks, or create your own. With the Nostalgia Electrics Coca-Cola Frozen Beverage Maker creating refreshing icy drinks is fun and easy.

Spinach Patties with Salsa Verde {vegetarian}

Make allowances for me for I’ve been posting a lot of green food lately, this green time of year. Not food that’s colored green, but real green food, like these vegetarian patties, my transparent favorite way to eat spinach. Covered with rich green tomatillo salsa verde, each fork-tender little green cake hides pinky-sized pieces of suddenly cheese that melt during cooking. Patrick would fall head over heels in food heaven, like I did the first time Carmen made these for me. Carmen is my Mexican hostess, cook, sister and soul mate, and my Mexican home-stay mother at Spanish language immersion school. She is also a teacher, and when you stay at her house, you speak only Spanish. Even if you just speak beginner Spanish. It’s a objective of my life to speak Spanish well. Tortas de espinaca Carmen, these spinach patties with salsa verde, is one Spanish lesson I’ll remember, and that I’m exhilarated as a lime margarita to pass on to you. Carmen’s salsa verde, the one she ladles over tortas de espinaca, is unique in that there’s no cilantro, which I. 2 bunches spinach, washed spectacularly and stems removed ¼ white onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1/3 cup chopped cilantro leaves 1 egg,... Allow to culvert in a colander or sieve, pressing very well to remove as much excess water as possible. Coarsely chop the spinach. In a bowl, mix with the chopped onion, garlic and cilantro. Using a fork, stir in the eggs, common and pepper. Stir in some breadcrumbs, just enough so that the mixture holds together. In the palm of your hand, shape the spinach mixture into small round patties, and as you do, stab 4 or 5 little pieces for the cheese in the middle. For each torta use about 1/3 cup of the spinach mixture, forming them about 2 ½ inches wide. (It may feel like the tortas won’t seize together, especially if there is still a lot of moisture in the spinach. Handle them gently and they will cook nicely, all in one piece. ) Over medium flame, heat a thin layer of the oil in a wide skillet. Gently cook the patties, turning to cook both sides, about 3 minutes per side. Remove from the heat and keep warm while you prepare the sass. Drop the fresh tomatillos into boiling water and cook for several minutes, mostly to remove the paper-like skin. Place the tomatillos, serrano chile(s), onion and garlic and accumulate in a blender and whirl. Heat a small amount of olive oil in another skillet and add the tomatillo mixture. Cook and stir for 3 or 4 minutes. Pour on top of the spinach tortas and over usual heat, cook them together a few minutes. Serve 2 tortas per person. As someone lucky enough to have stayed with Carmen too (Letty introduced us), I can remember so beyond the shadow of a doubt sitting at her counter and taking notes. Tortas de Espinaca.


  1. Kraft Foods Dispose announced Tuesday it is voluntarily recalling about 242,000 cases of select Macaroni & Cheese dinners because of the possibility that small pieces of metal may be interior the boxes. The Illinois-based company said in a statement that 
  2. On my primary visit earlier this month, I drank homemade margaritas on a rooftop terrace with friends while watching the sun set, and spent days strolling narrow cobblestoned streets and feasting on tortilla soup and platters of enchiladas, sopes
  3. A new swotting published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that people who drank diet soda gained almost triple the abdominal fat over nine years as those who didn't belt diet soda. The study analyzed data from 749 people ages 65
  1. Purchased a new blender, profoundly fits recipe in the book.. Margarita


Grilled Margarita Chicken Recipe (chicken, margarita mix, salt, garlic, tequila)

Margarita Shrimp Recipe (garlic, green onion, shrimp, lime, lime juice, vegetable oil, tequila, sea salt)

Margarita Shrimp Recipe (garlic, green onion, shrimp, lime, lime juice, vegetable oil, tequila, shrimp, sea salt)

Strawberry Margarita Pie Recipe (butter, condensed milk, cool whip, lime juice, strawberries, pretzels, strawberries, sugar, tequila, triple sec)


Blender Margarita - Recipes -
1. FROZEN MARGARITAS: Put all ingredients into blender. Graduate in spurts. Serve in ... 2. MARGARITAS FOR FOUR: Serve with fresh lime wedge.

Focal Margarita Recipe -
Recipe by P "This is a principal margarita recipe. You can add your favorite fresh fruits to flavor it. Fresh strawberry or mango are good choices.

Epitome Blended Margarita Recipe in a Blendtec or Vitamix
Easy restaurant trait Classic Margarita recipe made with a Blendtec or a Vitamix blender! How to video and printable recipe by Blender Babes!

Apple Margarita ninja blender recipe

Apple Margarita ninja blender recipe
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Frozen Margarita recipe using a blender!

Frozen Margarita recipe using a blender!
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New Carne Asada Marinade.
Yard goods for 3-5 lbs of meat. Good for both STEAK and CHICKEN. 1 Orange (Whole, Peeled) 1 Lime (Whole, Peeled) ½ cup Chopped Cilantro ½ cup Chopped Whitish Onion ½ cup Minced Garlic 1 cup Tevado Tequila Ok, Start by buying the meat. Chicken breast or Skirt Steak. (or both!) Slice the grub into strips or cubes. For chicken, I'd go ½" thick, but you can go thinner with the Steak. I also remove most of the fat. Protip: Slice the meat into strips ACROSS the crumb. It'll come out much nicer. Put the meat into a suitable marinading container. Put everything else except the tequila in the blender for a puree cycle. Pour the mix over the chicken, and add the tequila. Mix it up and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Preheat your skillet to just upon Medium. Cook it until it's done, and serve! (With margaritas, of course.) - Stephen
Watermelon Margaritas
So, this encapsulates our weekend: watermelon, watermelon margaritas, Jello pudding pops, and torture of sunshine.
homemade gaspacho in new heath bowls
Limited veggies from the farmer's market: juicy tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic, ginger, yellow peppers, red peppers, mini jalepeno, parsley, a bit of cilantro. Exceptionally really delicious. Bowls from this trip: fiona's recipe for andalusian style gaspacho - zip up a piece or two of country bread (no crust) and put in bowl - Peel and remove as much of the seeds/goop from the tomatoes as possible - chop up the unused tomato flesh into small pieces and put on top of bread bits - chop up veggies (peppers, onion, herbs, cucumber, garlic). I acclimatized 1 red pepper, 1/2 a yellow pepper, 1/2 a big onion, handfuls of herbs, 1 medium cucumber, a few cloves of garlic. - heirs + chop jalepeno (watch where you put your hands afterwards! ouch!!) to mix - do it in batches. - take about 1/3 of the mixture, a few tablespoons of olive oil, and dialect mayhap 1/2 cup tomato juice (not sauce!!), and pulse in blender. a few times only -- do not over process! leave...
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The mixologists at Margaritaville provided the following recipe for the outstanding example "Perfect Margaria." They suggest using Margarittaville-brand tequila and triple sec. Rim margarita glass with salt. Combine ingredients in a shaker filled with ice.